About Us

As styles in interior decorating change, Urban Dezign & Decor push the boundaries and think outside the "square" to incorporate the styles, lines and materials of the new contemporary age in advanced stylish interior and exterior designs. Their landscape designs are uniquely striking and creative.  Interiors take on a new life with luxurious fabrics and wall hangings, furniture arrangement and re-upholstering of tired, dated sofa's and chairs. We like to bend the ideas and shapes to suit your space.

Water features
Bespoke furniture

Kelly Pretorius, the trend-setting creator of Urban Dezign & Decor, finds that transforming interior and exterior spaces into beautiful living and entertaining areas is exquisitely soul satisfying. She endeavours to ensure that Urban Dezign & Decor has an intensity of life which is brought about by integrating strong architecture with softer plant finishes into an all encompassing aesthetic extension of living space. The use of the latest fabric trends updates worn out furniture and breathes new life into window treatments and soft furnishings.


We implement modern design concepts using predominantly indigenous plant material which will serve to attract wildlife to your garden, sustain the vast variety of flora with which South Africa is blessed and most importantly, provide a sensory appealing garden for you to enjoy. We focus on quality and attention to detail in all undertakings.  We make use of top South African fabric houses to update your interior space into a sumptuous haven to relax in.


Urban Dezign & Decor will assist you in creating your vision to maximise your property’s potential, ensuring that it is not only beautiful, but also practical and completely suited to your lifestyle needs.  Beautiful and functional outside areas add value to your property long-term, and while we would love you to stay there forever, increased property value is always an added bonus.


Our careful attention to detail and close supervision ensures that every job undertaken is performed to the highest standard and we endeavour to exceed the expectations of our clients every step of the way.  We pride ourselves on our professional approach and high level of service and offer a one-stop design plan, including interior design and decorating, garden design and landscaping, water features, outdoor lighting and decking, including custom-built woodwork for seating and fencing.