Top 10 things that make your home look dated

1. Copper decor accents, otherwise known as rose gold has finally come to an end, sad but true folks. Any copper bling in your home will most definitely make your home look very dated. If you have items which cannot be changed out, such as light fixtures, tone it down by playing with other metals in the space, like brass candlesticks and gold or silver knobs. Remove all other copper items for a fresh updated space. The use of authentic copper pots and pans in your kitchen is still alright, but don't forget to tone it down by drawing the eye away from it by using other metal elements, or even matte black in the form of picture frames.

2. DIY Pallet Furniture. We are all guilty of this, even I have covered a shipping pallet with foam and fabric, stuck on 4 legs and used it as an ottoman and while the appeal of pallet projects are easy enough to understand, there is such a thing as "too much of a good thing." A single, up-cycled pallet piece is great, but when your entire home is made up of wooden weekend projects, it’s time to re-evaluate. Rather update your space by using your excess project pieces for outdoor use or paint the wood with high-gloss paint and update it with simple, modern hardware.

3. White appliances in your kitchen have been replaced with stainless steel, sleek slate and matte black finishes (See images below). These industrial-style appliances appear much more streamlined and trendy while adding a touch of luxury to your space. Plus, they’re much easier to keep clean. Gone are the days of white fridges, ovens and dishwashers.

Big box store mass produced rugs. Image credit:

4. Mass produced rugs. We see images in glossy decor magazines or on trendy Instagram profiles and we rush out to by these mass produced big box store rugs with big, graphic details. Rather than buying into a trend, ask yourself what it is you like about the rug. Will it work long-term in your space? Do you still like the other "had-to-have," trendy items you impulsively bought a year or two ago? Our guess is probably not. Start shopping with intention and search for timeless rugs and you will learn to never regret a decorating decision again.

5. Chalkboard walls. There should only be one place for these and that is in kid's rooms. We love them there, it keeps them entertained and gets their creative juices flowing. Having one of these in your living room or kitchen only serves to create a lot of dust and chaos, and well, they just are not trendy at all. Rather replace the big dusty old walls with a framed chalkboard message board on your kitchen counter instead.

6. Chevron. Chev-wrong. Chev-gone! So gone, tired and dates back to 2011 I think. In the form of scatter cushions, rugs, wallpaper - you name it, toss it! May it rest in peace for a good long time to come. If you have it on your walls in the form of wallpaper, paint over it, and I promise that your space will look clean, fresh and updated instantly.

7. Ceiling Fans. No matter how you try and style it, ceiling fans just do not look good in a room. At all. Ceiling fans are regarded as one of the biggest design faux pas in the industry and a bad, brown and bronze one like the one pictured here is a giant NO-NO. If you feel that you cannot live without one, try and opt for a sleek white one without any bling or light attached to it, so that it blends in with your ceiling and tries to look unobtrusive.

8. White on white on white on white, with maybe a touch of silver in the form of hardware. Done, dusted and sterile. White kitchens became the "it" look everywhere over the past few years. The ultra-modern look was stylish for a moment, but living in these sterile spaces just feels so impractical, not to mention trying to keep it clean all the time. Defrost your kitchen and embrace a more "homey" lived-in look by incorporating warm greys, greige and even deep, navy blue cabinets or any timeless colour that will bring a little warmth into your space.

9. Worn out phrases are also a thing of the past. We all live, laugh and love but we don't need to have them plastered all over the walls to remind ourselves of that. Rather than go down this tired path, select some personal and sincere phrases and display them in a tasteful manner, such as your wedding vows in a frame or on a gallery wall.

10. Heavy floral curtains. It is time to ditch those heavy dark floral curtains which make your space look so dark and dreary. Not only does it take away all the natural light that flows through your windows, but they also make your room feel like the 90's. Swap them out for floor length light hues hung high and wide to let the sunlight in. And remember that curtains hung from the ceiling down automatically make your room appear bigger. We no longer frame the window with curtains.

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